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Meet Nicholas C. Williams


Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, Illinois
Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies


Licensed Architect
Registered Interior Designer

Design Philosophy

In Architecture there are no rules… Only solutions. Within each project lies the perfect solution, waiting to be discovered. Explore.

Client Relations

The Architect-Client relationship is critical for project success. I believe a constant stream of communication is essential allowing the client to feel in control of their project at all times.
It is the client’s project, not the architect’s.

Nicholas C. Williams, AIA

Project Architect

I am sure most of us have spent many hours of our youth scribbling away in notebooks, drawing pictures, coloring. I spent hours, days, maybe years of my childhood drawing. I would mostly draw houses and would imagine the people who would occupy these structures, how they would live their day to day life and how they would interact with their home. Design. It is a passion that has lived and thrived within me from a young age. I guess even before I knew what it was. To this day, I cannot completely say I understand design. Design, to me, is a constantly evolving and changing ideal that gets stuck in time. We are constantly chasing that idea and trying to define it. But the realty is, design is different to each person and can even be different to the same person at different points in time.

When I was in high school and beginning to think about “what I wanted to be when I grew up”, people told me that I needed to be a doctor. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but I started following that dream. The dream of other people. I filled out grant and scholarship applications, looked into schools and all of it was geared towards a career in medicine. Until one day I started thinking about the houses I drew as a kid (houses that most of the time were adorned with Christmas lights and decorations of the like) and remembered chasing the idea of design...

I altered my pursuits of someone else’s dream.

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